I can read quite quickly and I tend to read a lot. Since 2004 I’ve made an effort to track my reading each year, for a sense of scale of the whole enterprise. These lists cover only the books I’ve read, and most are in reverse chronological order. So far, 2013 remains the year to beat, with 145 books read. Let’s go!

Edit, Mar 21, 2014: I’ve started adding my books to Goodreads too!

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Books Read in 2012

HA. I only read 61 books in 2011, thanks to a certain little baby! Ergo I don’t expect to catch the high of 134 books this year, but it won’t be for lack of trying.

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Books Read in 2009

Just 126 books read in 2008—- a shameful eight books behind my previous record, 134. Maybe 2009 will be the year for a new personal best.

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Books Read in 2007

Hey! A brand new book list for 2007, and since I’m starting this right in January, you can bet this list will be complete. Hot super bonus: I’ll again post the book titles in reverse chronological order this year.

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Books Read in 2006 (A Partly Incomplete List)

Since I’ve reposted my old lists, I figure I should start again for 2006. Counting has again been scattered since the beginning of the year, but I’ll make a concerted effort to keep track of my books from now on (May 28). Bonus: I’ll post the book titles in reverse chronological order this year!

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Books Read in 2004

This was the first year I tracked all the books I read. I had been reading a lot that year and thought might be interesting to note it down. Herewith is the list of 134 books I made it through.

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