Welcome to the new Pabillano.com

Woop woop—after five years with the same website design, here’s a new and improved Pabillano.com!

It’s a brand-new look revved up with lots of snappy features. One thing I’m very happy about is my new reading lists: the newer lists are all sortable by header! (The 2006-2004 lists remain static since the datestamps were messy.)

There’s also new content in the sidebar: you can now grab a feed of links I’m sharing, plus links to a few of my social networking accounts. So Web 2.0!

Anyway, this lovely new site has prompted me to update the blog more often. I’m planning for notes on books, film and television, social media, and assorted other stuff that I find interesting. But I’ll be staying away from employer and work-related topics so I don’t cross the streams, so to speak.

I’ll do my best to keep this all engaging, so do stick around for the ride—I think we’re going to have some fun.

(And many, many thanks to DZ, the driving force behind this new site design. Hearts!)

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Looks great! I’m a subscriber already!

said David on 8 Aug 2010 at 3:02pm

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