The king of Scrabble


The king of Scrabble is obviously the iPad. I discovered this when I was trying the Scrabble app in two-player mode and realized it included a “Best Word” button that automatically picks the highest scoring word for you. I hit the button repeatedly and that’s when I realized the iPad is a terrifying Scrabble opponent. Just look at the board! VAKIL! ARGOTIC! And the top turn was “RENEGED,” which uses all seven tiles and includes FOUR two-letter words for a score of 72. Thank God the button cuts out after eight turns or so, or else no human would ever have a chance against it. Or a shred of dignity left.

(Also, the Best Word button is a weird option and it’s odd that you can’t turn it off as a default. I mean, why on earth would anyone do anything for their turn but hit the Best Word button? Obviously the computer’s going to know better than you. As well, in “party mode” where you use your iPhone/iPod Touch as a tile rack, it gives you the option of looking up possible words from your letters in the Merriam Webster Dictionary to see if they are valid. You can’t turn that option off either, which is again kind of odd.)

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My dad couldn’t figure out how i was coming up with crazy unknown words on Words With Friends—until he realized I was just arranging my tiles in weird combinations until the game accepted one.

said M on 29 Nov 2010 at 6:42am

M! Don’t be mean to your dad. But then again if these loopholes are permissible, who are we if we don’t exploit them? Schmucks, that’s who.

said Jhenifer on 29 Nov 2010 at 9:09pm

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