Scissor sharpening in Vancouver

This one’s for all the seamstresses looking for scissor sharpening in Vancouver. Quality Saw and Knife at Quebec and 4th, yo!

Since I took the bus there, they kindly sharpened my fabric scissors while I waited with the baby. (I think typically you drop your scissors off and pick them up later.) And it only cost a cool $5.60!

The sharpening staff is there from 7am to 2pm, so they were able to squeeze my scissors in as long as I arrived during that time.

Where’d I find their name? From the Chowhound boards: here’s one post about knife sharpening, and another. I might try Sharpening House in Kerrisdale next time, but I’m not sure any of the the mobile services listed would come out for just one pair of fabric scissors. And I totally doubt the Santoku store would work on my old sharps (but prove me wrong, please!).

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