Overthinking Big Business

  1. Full disclosure: I love the Divine Miss M.
  2. But seriously: what’s with the 80s and its general acceptance of age diversity? Bette Midler was 45 and Lily Tomlin was 49 by the time this movie debuted. Can you imagine any major studio today making a film where top billing goes to two middle-aged female comediennes? Without making a big deal about how the movie stars women over the age of 30 (cf. Sex and the City)?
  3. And no, I’m not trying to say Big Business is a tour-de-force akin to Citizen Kane. Yeah, it’s deliciously dumb, with gratuitous scenes of Bette Midler yodelling, and even stars the grandpa from Gilmore Girls as a frou-frou gay man! But the movie wasn’t a total bomb and still made a reasonable amount, so it does show middle-aged funny ladies were never total box office poison, as many believe they are today.
  4. Why isn’t Bette Midler in any movies lately? And why is Lily Tomlin so criminally underused these days?
  5. Also: remember when carphones were new? Different time, the 80s.

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