On TV Theme Songs and Openings

TV theme songs/openings I skip every time
5. Entourage (for that matter, I’ve skipped the last 4 seasons)
4. Game of Thrones (let’s get to the show already, although the maps are nice)
3. The West Wing (SO LONG)
2. The Wire (hear each variation once and then NEVER AGAIN)
1. Community (though I love it so)

TV theme songs/openings I always let play through
5. Burn Notice (My name is Michael Westen…)
4. Who’s the Boss
3. Gilmore Girls
2. 30 Rock
1. Parks and Recreation

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I would add the theme from The Wonder Years to the Never Skip list. I’ve been re-watching on Netflix this weekend, and I can’t speed through it because it sounds slightly different from what I remember in my childhood and it keeps weirding me out. I also can’t fast forward The OC credits until they get to the crescendo of Cali-for-nia.
Always Skip: SNL opening credits.

said M on 9 Oct 2011 at 9:40am

Ahhh! I considered both of those for the play through list, but ultimately didn’t include them because I wanted to stick to 5 shows that I’ve watched in the past year or so. SNL is a definite skip too (and something that wow, hasn’t been appointment television for years for me. Cripes!)

Otherwise yes. Californiaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…... here we coooooooooooome…....

said Jhenifer on 9 Oct 2011 at 2:42pm

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