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A list of major Vancouver hashtags

I’m starting a list of Vancouver hashtags right here! Not Metro Vancouver hashtags, just those for the city of Vancouver alone. The reason: I keep looking for a comprehensive list, and I can’t find one. What else to do but make one myself?

So, here is the list of major hashtags I’ve ... Read more

Goodbye TransLink, hello Vancouver

Jhenifer Pabillano

There’s a big announcement on the Buzzer blog today: I’m leaving TransLink, and heading to the City of Vancouver to help manage their social media program!

I’m excited at the new opportunity, but leaving TransLink is still hard: I’ve had an amazing five-year run. The post on the Buzzer captures ... Read more

A vintage interview with The Commentary


Photo by Charlotte90T from Flickr.

A couple of years ago, I spoke with Joseph Planta for the Commentary, his long running podcast on arts, culture, politics, and more. We had a lovely conversation about TransLink, the Buzzer newsletter, and social media—and I only just remembered that I’d never ... Read more

Infographic: How the digital world is affecting Canadian lives

I’m currently enrolled in the UBC Certificate in Digital Strategy program, and a recent assignment was to try making an infographic, using data to tell a story through visuals.

So, I mined a subject I was interested in learning more about: the intersection of digital and how we live our lives. ... Read more

Spotlighted in 24 Hours

TransLink social media 24 Hours article

My work with TransLink’s social media was featured in a 24 Hours article on Friday, April 5, 2013!

Check the full article out on their website while you can. The big story is our fantastic TransLink Twitter account, which now counts nearly 31,000 followers. Here’s what I said about that in the ... Read more

Social media shenanigans this week

This week I went to the 2013 Social Media Awards with my colleague and pal Robert Willis, where our work at TransLink was nominated for three awards!

We lost to some fine competitors, but emerged with this photo from SnapStands. I think it’s a fair trade.

Second, Robert and I hosted our ... Read more