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Scissor sharpening in Vancouver

This one’s for all the seamstresses looking for scissor sharpening in Vancouver. Quality Saw and Knife at Quebec and 4th, yo!

Since I took the bus there, they kindly sharpened my fabric scissors while I waited with the baby. (I think typically you drop your scissors off and pick them up later.) ... Read more

Mr. Peanut

For L’s first Halloween, I tried to find a store bought costume and save myself some effort. But there were hardly any costumes out there, and the ones that did exist were like $60! I mean, $60 for a costume that she’d never ever wear again? Please.

So I sewed my own, and I’m super proud of how ... Read more

Steak, well done


Well, really, from the looks of it, this steak’s probably raw. But it’s well done from a sewing perspective. I made my own pattern and everything!

Why a stuffed steak? I don’t know, why not? The T-bone is such a classic shape. I investigated doing other cuts of meat in stuffed form but they ... Read more