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Strollers and spreadsheets: a data-driven mom’s guide on what to buy for your first child

Activity Gym

My child with the activity gym she never used.

I’ve been sharing our baby prep process a lot with other moms-to-be lately, so here it is in the interests of helping other parents figure out the whole buying for your first baby thing.

When you’re a super nerd, you prep for a baby just like ... Read more

Park Compass: a quick map of Vancouver playgrounds

Park Compass: Vancouver playground map

For a long time I’ve silently grumbled that there’s no online map that shows all the Vancouver playgrounds. But lo and behold, now there’s Park Compass!

Just visit the Park Compass site on your phone and filter by “Playground” on the right—- then when you’re on the go, you can quickly find the ... Read more

Things to do in Vancouver for new moms and babies

I keep running into new parents who are also new to Vancouver. And pretty soon after, I end up spending a good chunk of time spewing out knowledge on places to meet other new parents, activities to do with your babies, and other sundries. In the interests of sharing this knowledge with way more ... Read more

The Data-Driven Mom: Baby Connect, Reconsidered Again

OK, we’re 10 months into Baby Connect now and I have to say it’s really not so bad anymore. I’m really not using it for logging as frequently, so the need for speed has abated. Also, there have been a number of nice upgrades that have resolved some of the issues I previously had with the app. For ... Read more

Mr. Peanut

For L’s first Halloween, I tried to find a store bought costume and save myself some effort. But there were hardly any costumes out there, and the ones that did exist were like $60! I mean, $60 for a costume that she’d never ever wear again? Please.

So I sewed my own, and I’m super proud of how ... Read more

The Data Driven Mom: Baby Connect iPhone app reconsidered

Edit: I’ve come to mostly like Baby Connect after using it for 10 months. So, you know, grain of salt with the review below and all.

I’ve now had two months of experience with Baby Connect, which has given me a markedly less positive view of the app than in my initial review. Begin the ... Read more

A selection of things I have done as a new parent thus far

  • Recorded the sound of myself shushing my kid, then played it back to her in an infinite loop (God bless the iPhone—and the sound really works to calm her)
  • Watched Alien, Aliens, and sort of at random, two other highlights from the James Cameron oeuvre (Titanic, The Terminator)—there’s a lot of ... Read more

The Data-Driven Mom: Baby Connect iPhone app review

Edit: I posted an update to this review after using the app for about 2 months—- and then I reconsidered after using it for 10 months.

You should all know that I’m writing this review on my iPhone, as hey! It’s one of the few devices I can carry around and access one-handed while wrangling a ... Read more

The Data-Driven Mom: Baby Log iPhone app review

One thing you discover after you bring your new baby home is that there’s a lot of weird input you have to track. When did she last feed? (Turns out you have to feed babies roughly 15+ min every three to four hours or they get very sad!) How long is she sleeping every day? (They’ve got to sleep ... Read more

Welcome, Linna

As many of you know, I was expecting a baby in May—- and she finally arrived last week!

So world, please welcome my lovely daughter Linna. She is healthy and happy and just delightful. I suspect we’ll be having a lot of fun together this year.

(Yes, that’s just her hand for now—- I’m still ... Read more