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The king of Scrabble


The king of Scrabble is obviously the iPad. I discovered this when I was trying the Scrabble app in two-player mode and realized it included a “Best Word” button that automatically picks the highest scoring word for you. I hit the button repeatedly and that’s when I realized the iPad is a ... Read more

Idle pop culture opinions: Jack Donaghy’s love interests

Jack Donaghy

Jack Donaghy has loved many women during his tenure at 30 Rock. Not all of them are created equal. Herewith is an ordered list from worst to first.

6. Elisa

There’s a saying about 30 Rock guest stars: the more famous they are, the crappier their appearance on the show. And too true here! Elisa ... Read more


This is me at the FutureSex/LoveParty held last weekend.

Some explanation is in order. Once upon a time I dreamed of having a Justin Timberlake party. Well, to be more specific, I accidentally dressed like JT while on a transatlantic flight and thought, “If it’s this easy to dress like Mr. ... Read more

First Post!

Saw this in the neighbourhood in April.

Lame! See, this is why I don’t blog!

However, I am keeping the blog around just in case I actually have some updates to tell you. Like that I have a blog now. Here it is!